Saturday, August 1, 2009

Part II Stressed on the Job? Don't Give Up!

Have you ever been overlooked for a promotion on the job? Have you ever had a boss that’s jealous of your accomplishments, gifts, and talents? What about a boss that’s out to destroy you, or better yet—kill you? Well, that’s just a bit of the stress that David had to handle doing his job. David handled all of these pressures of difficult job situations and overcame them.

While Saul was still on the throne, Samuel privately anointed a very young David to be king. Although David knew that the Lord had chosen him to be king, he had many tasks that could be considered “beneath” what a king would perform. For example, David, a shepherd known for being “a cunning player on a harp” was beckoned by King Saul to play for him, a job most would not choose if they had already been anointed king. David played under the anointing and “Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him” (I Sam. 16:23). By being obedient and humble, David was blessed.

When Goliath challenged Israel, David stepped up courageously to fight the giant. His boss, Saul, was “greatly afraid” of the giant, yet that did not stop David (I Sam. 17:11). Saul didn’t even have confidence that David could do the job. Saul told him, “Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a youth” (I Sam. 17:33). David did not let Saul’s negativity sway him from the task. In fact, when Saul “girded his sword upon his armour,” David took them off. David knew that he had to use the tools God had equipped him to use to get the job done. You know the story, with five smooth stones and a sling, David killed Goliath, leaving no doubt, as David says, that “the battle is the Lord’s” (I Sam. 17:47).

When faced with Goliath, others saw a giant, but David’s perspective was different. He saw a mortal man defying God. He looked at his position from God’s point of view and could fight more effectively.

There is so much more that David faced as Saul’s admiration of him turned to jealousy. Saul hunted David down, trying desperately to murder him out of his rage and hatred of him. While Saul’s position had made him proud and arrogant, David’s humility remained apparent, even as a whole nation praised him.

Whether you’re working on a job or in the ministry, it’s important not to let jealousy enter your heart. Jealousy destroys a person on the inside and then spreads like a virus, wanting to kill everything in its path. David didn’t hold malice in his heart toward Saul. He had to wait and go through the process before he could be king. (Although he made many mistakes along the way, he was a man after God’s heart because he quickly confessed and repented of his sins.) Moreover, when he had the opportunity to kill Saul and was being coaxed into doing it, he didn’t compromise his standards to go along with the group. He refused to kill Saul (several times), his family, or descendents.

Most of us would never imagine doing the things that Saul did to someone on the job or in the ministry, but we do have to be careful about not being jealous when others are elevated and we are not. Even if you feel that you are more qualified, deserving or gifted, harboring jealousy towards anyone else is most dangerous for you. Spreading gossip or talking unfavorably about anyone else is wrong. Period.
One way that I’m sure to eliminate potential stress is to watch what I say and avoid negative conversation about anybody or anything. Tension and stress on the job or at church can’t be eased by negative talk or “venting” as we like to say. I don’t know how many times I’ve said I was just venting and there was no positive end. (However, I do think if you can talk to someone in confidence and pray, that can be productive.) We have to pray about difficult people and love them. Instead of being led by our emotions, we have to use the tools that God has given us in His Word and through prayer to defeat the enemy so that we can live the victorious lives that God has for each of us.


  1. Once again Sis I have enjoyed reading your blog. I pray you are teaching this in Sunday school or Bible Study. People need to hear as well as read the things you are writing in your blog. It’s food for the soul. I have never really experience jealousy against me in the work place, but most definitely in the church. Isn’t that a rather strange thing? The alleged people of God are doing more damage in the church than the devil himself. Well, let me tell you my story. Wanita and I join a Church in Augusta Georgia in 1998. It was a small family type church. The previous Pastor had left the church for some reason unknown the Wanita and me. I knew current Pastor. He and I were in the first Gulf War together. I wasn’t saved then, but he definitely made an impression on me with his life style. So when we met again in Georgia I was a deacon in the COGIC. Boy was he surprised, along with a lot of other people. I may not be proud of my pass, but I am certainly grateful to God for my present. Let me quit rambling and get to the point. When Wanita and I joined the church it was not the usual organized church that we had grown accustomed to. The normal auxiliaries were not operating in the church. The finances were in shambles. They were tracking the churches finances on children tablets. The current Pastor had not long taking over the church and he was not getting the support he needed. So Wanita and I did what typical soldiers would do if something was broke. We made sure it was fixed. We organized the finances, creating a proper financial database to correctly track the finances of the church. We jump started some of the inactive auxiliaries in the church. But this was the catch; we didn’t think much of what we were doing. It was all normal to us. I was in the Army, so I knew I wasn’t going to be in Augusta no more than two to three years, so we were not looking, nor are we ever, looking for some type position are accolades for our work. We were trying to help out. I am telling you this story to let you know what you wrote about jealousy in your bog are absolutely true. It will destroy you and others if allowed to continue. Some of the members of that church went to the district superintendent and made false allegations that Wanita and I were trying to take over the church. Here we were trying to ensure God’s House was in order, yet all because of jealousy, like David, we became the hunted. At the time I did not possess David’s humility. I was infuriated. How could these people make such allegations when we were only operating out of love for the church? My initial response was to retaliate. Having the mentality of a soldier, that’s how I thought at the time being so young in the faith. But God turned my fury in to forgiveness. I learned a lot in that experience. You see Sis, people are not always jealous because they feel that they are more qualified, deserving or gifted. I found out that jealousy may simply be the result of one failing to do what they should have already been doing. Saul should have been leading the battles, yet he sent David out. Those church members of that church were only upset because we accomplished what they fail to accomplish. But we did exactly what you wrote in your blog. Like David, we did not let negativity sway us from the task. We continue to do what God had called us to do. Thanks for the encouraging words. Continue to spread God’s word.

  2. Wow! That is an awesome testimony, and you hit the nail on the head! I really had never thought about it like that. It is so true, when people are not or haven't done what they should, they can truly get jealous of someone who comes in, quite innocently, and does what God instructs them to do. I guess when we push past the negativity, we are "taking it by force."

    You and your wife (and family) are such an inspiration and motivation for so many others, including Zedric and me. I pray for you and Sis. Harris to have your strength continually renewed as your spread the gospel and minister to others from the pulpit to simply living your lives as wonderful Godly examples.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience--Awesome!

    You should consider writing a devotion for me to post. Let me know.

  3. I would love to, just let me know when and what you want me to write about. It would be my pleasure.

    Keep up the good work and I am praying for the baby so you and Zedric can get some shut-eye

    God Bless Sis.